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In case you are not aware of what Tag Day is, a set of FAQs is below. Thanks!

What is Tag Day?
– Tag Day is an annual event where GLHS student-athletes canvas local neighborhoods to ask for donations to the Gahanna Lincoln Athletic Boosters.

Why is it called Tag Day?
– Students go door to door and leave a “tag” at each house whether they donate or not.

Who participates in Tag Day?
– It is mandatory for all high school student-athletes and coaches to participate in Tag Day. Booster reps for each sport coordinate parent drivers for the routes by asking parents to sign up for a route in the Sign Up Genius app. Athletic Department and Athletic Booster leaders run the event.

What should student-athletes wear?
– GLHS gear! Wear the blue and gold proudly!

When is Tag Day?
– Tag Day is always on a Saturday in March. Students and drivers report by 8 AM and mostly are finished by approximately noon.

How does Tag Day work?
– Students report to the main gym and gather necessary info about the morning.
– Parent drivers report to the library to gather their assigned routes and gather important information.
– Parent drivers enter the gym around 8:45 AM and staff work to match students up with drivers.
– Parent drivers and students deploy to their routes.
– Students politely approach the homes on their routes and ask for donations for the athletic boosters.
– Parent drivers collect all donations.
– Upon completion of the route, parents and students return to the high school library to turn in money collected.

How much money does Tag Day raise?
– Annually between $15,000 – $20,000

What does Tag Day money get used on?
– Every sport in the athletic department benefits from Tag Day fundraising.
– Check out our examples of Booster purchases

Parents and students, please make plans to help out the Athletic Boosters!

Thanks, and as always Go Lions!