Multiple Teams · Stadium Bleacher Renovation

Stadium Bleacher Rendering

There’s a Chinese proverb that says; “When it’s obvious a goal cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goal, adjust the action steps.”

As much as I would like you to believe that I’m very philosophic and regularly read that of the ancient Chinese proverbs, I’m not. However, what I do enjoy is a great leadership book and stealing nuggets of information that can better serve out student-athletes, coaches and athletic programs at Gahanna Lincoln.  “The Way of the Seal” by Mark Divine, is a great read and one that would recommend.  Although I’d love to devote this blog to my thoughts on the WOS, I’d much rather share about what’s happening now at Gahanna Lincoln Athletics.
It has been my drive to create an environment at Gahanna where our athletic programs and facilities are on par with, or even elevated above those in our conference.
It should certainly be expected!
Why wouldn’t it?
We hold those very same expectations upon our coaches and programs!
To get better…To compete…and to win!
To my amazement throughout my 11 years at Gahanna, our coaches have done just that and beyond, with resources far fewer and lesser than our competing schools in our conference, let alone the state.
So I will assume this latest endeavor of building new home bleachers in our stadium, will not come as a surprise to you.
I expect that it won’t!
So please don’t act surprised when I come to you asking for a donation!  Lol
Do today what others won’t!
Since 2003, we…You, have stood shoulder to shoulder together in tackling every initiative, every project – driven to enhance the experience, the competitiveness and the expectations that we have on our athletic programs.  You’ve risen to meet every challenge…$1,391,000 million worth of privately funded athletic projects for Gahanna Lincoln.
ALL completed through donations, partnerships and business sponsors.
* Wilbur C. Strait Sr Field
* Dubbs Roush Press Box
* Heartland Bank Baseball Press Box and bleachers
* Ed Rarey Track & Field Complex
* New Gymnasium Bleachers and Auxilliary Gym Flooring
* Upgraded; Weight room, tennis court fencing, softball backstops, baseball field renovations, scoreboards, scorers tables – just to name a few!
That’s an impressive list!  You did that…when others wouldn’t.
So here we are again…New Home Bleachers in our Stadium.
There were three major components that went into this as I contemplated the decision of finding the funding to make this project happen.
1) Safety!  The foundation is shifted, the structural supports have rusted through and we’ve gotten our 40 plus years out of these bleachers.
2) Our programs deserve better!
3) If you’re going to do this, do it right the first time!  More than likely, it will be here long after my time at Gahanna is through!
So here we are! Doing today what others won’t!
I have the greatest of confidence that you will embrace this initiative and join myself and countless others that will make this a reality!  For our school, community, and our athletic programs.
We’ve never been one to back down from a challenge, even when that challenge is to the tune of $700,000 to upgrade this facility. The demolition of our existing visitors bleachers has begun, soon you will see a new foundation being set and by summers end, a new bleacher structure that will seat our Gahanna “Home” spectators on the west side of our stadium…no more staring into the sun for you!
How can you help?
Email me.  Call me. Flag me down at any of our sporting events and I will be happy to give you a brochure on how you can make your commitment. This is a project a long time coming and I can’t wait for you to see it!  Pay it forward for the good of the programs today, tomorrow, forty years from now and for the safety of all!
And let’s face it, won’t it be less awkward if you reach out to me before I come calling on you for a commitment?
Thank you in advance!
And Go Lions!